SURTRON is a high frequency electrosurgical equipment which is suitable to light and medium surgery.

SURTRON allows a highly professional surgery thanks to the user-friendly and safety solutions normally used.
The connection of neutral electrode is constantly monitored. Safety control of patient/plate contact using split neutral electrode. The possibility to control by the handle the output functions as well as the delivery of output power, allows to implement the surgical operation without turning away the surgeon attention from the surgical field.

High frequency electrosurgical unit with 5 diff erent working modes allows a wide variety of choices for surgeons to work with. Ideal unit for light to medium surgery. Comes with cable and adapter for bipolar, reusable monopolar handle, 10 assorted electrodes, foot switch and patient plate.

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Surtron 180
Maximum monopolar power of 80W and
bipolar power of 30W

Surtron 160
Maximum monopolar power of 120W and
bipolar power of 40W

Surtron 120
Maximum monopolar power of 160W
and bipolar power of 50W