Bionet BM7 Premium Patient Monitor

Bionet BM7 Premium Patient Monitor


  • 12.1 “ bright back-lit LCD with touch screen for clear display with 6 waveforms
  • HDMI VGA for large screen
  • ECG, Spo2, NIBP, RESP, 2CH-temp, 2CH-IBP, Etco2 ( option ), Anesthesia multi-gas analyzer ( option )
  • Multiple display mode support for user’s preference
  • Direct HL7 editing mode for hospital network requirement
  • Quick NIBP trend data window for prompt recognition
  • Pop up trend menu for quick trend review
  • Pop up ST window


Advanced parameters & analysis for accurate patient care

  • OXY CRG for neonatal respiratory care with ECG, Spo2, Resp
  • Arrhythmia, ST segment detection
  • Pace-maker detection
  • ETco2 from Respironics for intensive care respiratory monitor
  • Two NIBP module option : Bionet , Suntech
  • Anesthesia multi-gas analyzer : Co2, N2o, ENF, ISO, SEV, HAL, O2 ( optional filter )

Enhanced data management & storage capacity

  • 168hr patient trend data storage of graphic & tabular trend
  • 20 event alarm trend with 10 sec waveform
  • Patient’s data transfer for external USB memory with CSV file for EMR
  • USB Barcode & QRS scanner for patient data registration
  • Event management with 20 cases with 10 sec’ alarm wave-form
  • Screen freeze ON/Off for emergency

Excellent network connectivity

  • Bed to Bed connection among all Bionet patient monitoring systems up to 8 monitors
  • User friendly DHCP network unction with AUTO AP Search
  • Direct HL7 interface
  • USB Barcode & QRS scanner for patient data registration
  • Wired / Wireless connection to BMS Bionet central monitoring system up to 64 monitors with dual monitor / 16 monitors with Wireless

User friendly, portable design

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with 3hr operation
  • INOP Alarm system for better physiological alarm recognition
  • Bed rail hook integrated design